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  AATAC's Titan Series Hydraulic Tow Trucks  


AATAC's Titan series is the elite in heavy duty towing and recovery. The Recovery boom incorporates style, simplicity, and function, designed to handle the toughest stresses without "breaking a sweat." The Titan series also boasts the most advanced heavy duty under-reach system available. The integrated three-stage under-reach offers increased capacity and weight savings while providing a superior reach and 100% range of power tilt. The Titan series is loaded with standard features including, full function radio remote control, towing attachments, LED Taillights, and offers optional equipment such as front outriggers, allowing for greater stability and increased recovery capability.

AATAC continually manufactures stronger and more durable towing equipment than the competition. Examine the AATAC specifications and compare them to the equivalent products, and see for yourself why AATAC has the strongest equipment on the market. Then contact AATAC or an authorized AATAC dealer and schedule a demonstration to show you how the actual AATAC equipment exceeds it's own specifications.


Titan 50

25-Ton Hydraulic Tow Truck
Titan 50

Titan 70

35-Ton Hydraulic Tow Truck
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