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  AATAC History    
A & A Truck and Auto Center, Inc., (trade name AATAC) was incorporated in 1978. The business was located at 3012 Little Rock Road in Charlotte, North Carolina. The major business at that time was used auto and truck sales. The business was actually a continuation of A & A Used Cars and Parts founded by James C. Allison Sr. in 1961. A & A also bought, installed and sold dump bodies, hoists, wreckers, and carrier bodies at that time. The carrier bodies were designed by Jim, manufactured for A & A Truck and Auto Center by a dump body manufacturer, and sold under the trade name AATAC, an acronym for the legal name.

AATAC's sales of carriers grew significantly through 1982 when AATAC's wrecker supplier canceled its contract with AATAC stating that the carriers would be a conflict of interest with the new 'wheel lift' unit that they had introduced. As a result, AATAC was forced to find another supplier for wrecker bodies. During this same time, Jim designed a new wheel lift and had these wrecker/wheel lift units manufactured for AATAC by a local towing equipment manufacturer.

Shortly after this, AATAC's contract with its carrier manufacturer expired in 1983 and a plant was leased at 8600 Wilkinson Boulevard in Charlotte to begin its own in house manufacture of AATAC carriers. The first carrier units were produced by AATAC within 60 days. Four models were initially introduced and extremely well received in the market place.

A couple of years later in 1985, Jim invented and patented a new style wheel lift and began manufacturing it, along with wreckers and carriers, at the Wilkinson Boulevard facility. As a result, AATAC's manufacturing contractor was no longer required.

Since that period in 1985, all of AATAC's units have been manufactured in its own plant. Land was purchased by Jim Allison in 1987, specifically for a new plant site. With construction beginning in 1988, the new home of AATAC was completed and occupied in the fall of 1989. This new facility, which includes administrative offices and manufacturing plant, is located at 4000 Sam Wilson Road in Charlotte, North Carolina. This facility site is approximately 8.5 acres and the Allison's have approximately 6.6 additional acres adjoining the plant site.

AATAC's business has grown steadily and survived the turndown in the economy in the early 1990's while some other wrecker manufacturers did not. The new plant was designed to allow production to triple the levels achieved in the old plant. AATAC's products lines have been increased from the original four models to now more than one hundred. Carriers are manufactured with capacities from 8,000 to 35,000 pounds, ranging in lengths from 17 to 30 feet. The towing/recovery wrecker units range from a lift capacity of 4,000 pounds all the way up to 90,000 pounds. These models give AATAC a complete product line so customers may choose the model that best suits their needs.

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