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Dear Sirs:

We would like to register our compliments on the AATAC equipment on our two
trucks. We wouldn’t have anything else.
Our first AATAC experience was with the 1995 Chevy wrecker which carries
your wrecker equipment. It has a double boom, wheel lift and sling. The hydraulics have
been tested to the max and have come through like a champ should.
When we were ravaged by Hurricane Fran, we used the wrecker all day for two
days snaking tree trunks after we de-limbed them, carrying them off the roadway so
utility crews could get in to restore electricity. This wrecker has had the cables put under
such stress in auto recovery that both cables would break but the wench never gave up.
We also put extreme stress on this AATAC unit when we experienced such
flooding in September, 1999.We worked during the fury of Hurricane Floyd recovering
vehicles from ravines as deep as 20 feet…the cables again broke under the weight, but
when the cables were repaired we went right back to the same type of job. During the
flooding, many vehicles were washed away or totally submerged…we got them out to
make sure there were no occupants. Water logging did not slow us up for a minute. We
were (almost) heroes because we had the right thing to work with.
On December 18, 2000, we were in the market to replace our rollback and were
fortunate to find a Ford 650 with a steel bed, 22’ long AATAC rollback. This has proved
to be up to the job of transporting most any vehicle. The controls are all excellent and
have many new features which are very good. So, thank you for making the right
equipment to do a man-sized job.

Gregory A. Rackley
And Rackley’s Towing Crew

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