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  AATAC Advantage  
The World's Greatest Carrier The AATAC Medium Duty (AMD-I)
Aluminum Body Aluminum bodies are made with 6061-T6 custom extrusions. This is the same as aircraft grade aluminum. The aluminum cross members are 2-5/8" on center, compare this to many others that use 4" spacing. The aluminum extrusions also have a 40 degree angle allowing items being "dragged" onto the bed not to dig in so easily.

Steel Body Steel bodies are built with 3/16" plate metal. They are made seamless up to a 20' body. Seamless means that the deck is not pieced together. Many other body Manufacturers use thinner deck material such as (1/8") sheet metal. There is a significant difference in strength in AATAC's plate metal versus sheet metal.

Wide Deck Surface Dual rear wheel vehicles can fit inside the solid side rails, 96" (OD) one of the widest in the industry. This width is our standard, while many other body manufacturers consider this convenient feature an option.

Reinforcing Sub Frame AATAC offered the first sub-frame in the industry. This sub-frame is the first piece in our three frame system. The vast majority of other body manufacturers use only a two frame system. The sub-frame is built using cross members and box tubing, actually reinforcing the truck's existing frame.

Cross Members Cross Members have 58,000 PSI strength, and are stronger than the best sheet metal or tubing cross members used by many other body manufacturers.

Tool Box AATAC's tool boxes are built of rugged steel and a unique design that allows the operator to use the tool box door as a step for reaching the carrier bed. Tool boxes are available in 36", 48",96" lengths. depending on truck model.

Six Tie Down Slots AATAC bodies come standard with two front and four rear tie down slots. More are available as an option, if they are desired.

Low Center of Gravity Due to our unique design, AATAC offers it's customers a lower deck height which equates to a lower center of gravity. This reduces the top heavy handling tendencies of the truck while hauling a large load. Additionally, an extra benefit of this feature is the improved quality of ride.

Advanced Hose Track System AATAC has revolutionized the market with the AMD. The new hose track system is virtually indestructible and extremely resistant to wear and tear. It has far less movement than our competitors' hose track system.

Main Rails AATAC uses a different philosophy on the frame rails than other body manufacturers The frame rails are shorter but thicker material, allowing for the same strength while providing a lower center of gravity and a better loading angle. Also note that for extra reinforcement, AATAC uses a "Z" bar reinforcement welded to the frame rails.

Frame Rails The main rails slide in the frame rails. Our frame rails support the bed running longitudinally. Once again, we use a different philosophy than other body manufacturers. We use a 4' H beam, giving extra support and regidity.

Heavy Duty Wiring Harness The wiring harness is made of 14 gauge wire and has a Teflon jacket. This is a superior wire product. We use all sealed wire connectors, keeping out the elements and providing lasting protection. This wiring harness is the best in the industry.

Full Length Nylatron Rail Pads To protect the frame rails and the main rails, we place nylatron pads on the main rails offering no metal to metal contact. The nylatron pads are full length, unlike many other body manufacturers' products. (Note: steel and aluminum beds use different pads.)

Dual Controls The control panels are located on both sides of the bed. These are both illuminated and provide direct access to the valve body. The control handles are made of specially designed steel. These allow the conrols to bend in the event of an accident (normally they do not break) allowing the operator to continue operation of the carrier. The control panels do not tilt with the bed, other body styles do. Since the controls do not tilt, they provide easy access without changing hand position during operation. The handles are easy to maintain, utilizing only one grease fitting to lubricate the entire mechanism.


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